Fourth funniest blog on the web

Welcome to Tall Curly Biscuit, the 4th funniest blog on the web. The best thing about having the word “Biscuit” in my blog title is that I no longer have to think about how to spell biscuit. This little blog is for all the folks who believe laughter makes the world go ’round.

There’s Always Room for Annals

My husband just asked me, “You’re really gonna use the word annals with the blog title Tall Curly Biscuit?” I nodded my head.  That question didn’t even deserve a verbal response, because when is annals NOT a good word?

Another selling point is that if someone were to search the words Tall Curly Biscuit and annals, this blog is almost sure to come up as the number one choice. So, I got that goin’ for me.

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