Fourth funniest blog on the web


1. What is a tall curly biscuit?

Well, two out of the three words are descriptive of my physical looks. I came up with the name during an intense week of soul searching with my friend, all our kids, 100-degree heat, the pool, wine, and lots of noise.  And then there was an internet poll, too, which is also how my husband and I finalized our daughter’s name.  It’s a good thing y’all internet people have good taste.  Olga is growing up to be a beautiful girl.

2. How tall are you?

5’9”, which isn’t really all that tall, but I must have grown up with midgets because I always felt like a giant.  I finally found tall friends in high school, and we nicknamed ourselves The Chewbaccas because we were tall-ish and didn’t shave for a week at summer camp.

3. So, do you have curly hair or curly toes?

Wavy/curly hair and grossly frail, little toes.

4. Are you a biscuit?

No, but I do taste delicious dipped in butter and molasses.