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A Magic Blogger T-shirt

Hi Dear Ones,

What have you been up to? I was just researching online about how to fix a leaky outdoor faucet. Then I realized that if I had time to think about doing something like that just so I could have bragging rights over my husband (along with the superior attitude), then I had time to blog.

A couple of weeks ago, I got the coolest t-shirt! It says, “Last Night A Blogger Saved My Live.”

Last Night a Blogger Saved My Life shirt

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How awesome is that? I’m pretty sure that other bloggers have saved my life a few times, so it’s true.

AND, when I wore the shirt on Saturday, I happened to save my newborn nephew’s life. Maybe. Possibly. And let’s not get tied up in semantics about I’m the blogger and who saved my life and whatnot. The point is that I wore that shirt and then did a good deed. Basically, I suggested that my sister-in-law, who was 39 weeks preggers, go into the doctor when she experienced some unusual symptoms. She thought it wasn’t anything to worry about, but I insisted. I drove her to the hospital, and it turned out she needed an emergency c-section. It all worked out; everyone is healthy now. Thank God. And blogger t-shirt magic.

The new baby’s name is Logan. (Should have been named Angelo after me, or perhaps Baby Biscuit, but whatever.) I posted pictures of him on my personal Facebook page. Then I posted a photo of the nurse holding him up like the daddy lion does in The Lion King, and I captioned it “Baby Simba.” A friend thought I posted two babies — twins, since the names were different: baby Logan and baby Simba.

That made me laugh so hard. There is only one baby, but what a name combination for twins! Logan and Simba. How about Isaac and Jin-Choo? Or Thurman and Seamus? Destiny and Edna? Biscuit and Pita Chip?

Do you have funny name combination suggestions just in case any readers are having twins? Or stories of life-saving bloggers? Please post them in the comments!

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  1. I thought it said booger. 🙂

    Cute shirt. I’d love one in purple.

  2. TCB, those are my initials.

    I mainly wanted you to know that I have a band named “White Pasty Thunder”. or I could. I tend to think of this band name about the time I pull out my summer shorts.

    I’ve been stopping by today to say hi to some new folks. Have a great weekend, TCB!


  3. Aww! Congrats on the new nephew AND on being the one to save his life/bring him into this world without having to grow him! YAY for awesome kids that aren’t yours!

    I feel like a butt-head for not having visited you in awhile, because I love you to pieces, but I also wanted to let you know that I don’t think about camping OR stepping on LEGOs in the dark without also thinking of you! I’m coming up with a new award in lieu of all the ones that I’ve received lately, and you’re totally getting one (once I come up with some pictures for them).
    I guess what I’m REALLY trying to say is that I love you, and also maybe prepare yourself to answer some super randomly insane questions… Because it’s me.

  4. You don’t post often enough!

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